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Best Quality

Best pizza, visit regularly for past many years and found consistent service & quality. Simply delicious and tasty pizza on town.

Amir Shafi

On Time

Wings are always crispy and delicious; delivery usually is quick. The pizza is exceptional and the crust is to die for!!! Personal favourite and Lava exclusive: the Chicken Shawarma Pizza! Would recommend trying the gyro and beef shawarma sandwiches too for a lighter lunch option as well.

Erika Forsyth


OMG I love this pizza! Definitely my favourite place to go when I am on campus! The pizza is cooked just how I liked it and the sauce is my favourite part! yum


Big Selections

Ordered from here a bunch of times and always get great results! Their topping selection is one of the finest and the pizza quality is amazing! Loved it!

Lucas Shanks